Achieving Sales Leadership Clarity

Clarity in business and sales is a non-negotiable. Great leadership is built on clarity of thought. Great thinking, insthinktive thinking, is the basis of superior performance.

So how do you achieve clarity as a sales leaders?

Clarity On A Page..


Ask us about our Clarity On A Page template. It’s a step by step process to help you achieve complete clarity. It’s simple, it’s clear and it’s intuitive.


Here’s what you need to do..

Clarify your values..


What motivates you as a Sales Leader? What motivates you as a Manager? A sales person. A parent, a mentor? What makes you do what you do? What do you value most in people? How do you view the world?

What prompts you to be happy or sad? What makes you different? Why are some more successful that others? How do they differ?

As a Leader how can you ensure you hire the right people? How do you motivate them and guide them. How do you engage with your stakeholders and encourage all to achieve more. The common factor in answering all of these questions is identifying your Core Values

Values drive your behaviours. Values are responsible for your motivation and your actions. Values are often subconscious and hidden but they surface in the way we act. The principles and standards that we set and expect of others. Values are strongly held beliefs and they have enormous impact on individual and organisational behaviour.

You have a world view that is unique and individual. It frames your thoughts and it influences your behaviour. Values really underpin your Why. Why do you do what you do? Why do you assess and measure the way you do? Why do you think the way you do?

With clearly defined Values you can build a team that share the same values. You can motivate a team more easily with shared values. And you can build a relationship with your stakeholders and customers by living your values.


So what are your values?

Why are they your values?

How can you measure your values?

How do you live your values?


Define your Purpose?

What is your Purpose, your Why?. What excites you and motivates you? What gives you momentum. What inspires you?


Great leaders have a clear sense of Purpose. A clear Why. They understand their reasons for doing what they do. It is beyond pure financial gain. It is about leaving a true mark on their world. And, so too for your organisation. Businesses with a clear sense of Purpose, a clear Why invariably have a more successful culture and climate. And have a clear sense of Why they exist.


Having a clear sense of how you will improve the world in which you operate, provides real clarity and motivation to those who are a part of creating it.


Steve Jobs?said, Weing the richest man in the cemetery doesn? matter to me. Going to bed at night saying weWe done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me.?n
Albert Einstein said, ?othing truly valuable arises from ambition or from a mere sense of duty; it stems rather from love and devotion towards men and towards objective things.?n
These are two men who clearly demonstrated a powerful sense of Purpose.

What’s your Purpose?





Create a Vision

As a leader, you need to consider the following,


1) Purpose is your Why? The reason you exist.


2) Values represent what you stand for.

3) Vision is where will be in the future.

Your leadership Vision is a guiding picture of where you and your business will be in the future. It is a picture of the end point. It outlines with clarity where you will end up. And how your business will look like, feel like and operate in the future.


It is first step in your goal setting and priority setting process.

Where do you see your business in the future?

What will this future look like?

What clients will you be working with?

What sort of team will you be working with?

What products or services will you be selling/ delivering?

What will the finances look like?

We suggest that you take your time with this really vital phase in your leadership clarity. Involve your stakeholders and team. Craft a vision you can be proud of. One, that acts as a beacon that guides you. One, that motivates you and your team.

Set IMPACT Goals

Setting goals with IMPACT should mean for you, that you are feeling a sense of forward momentum, a sense of progress. And not feeling overwhelmed or defeated by the sheer impossibility of what youWe set yourself.

Far too many people and Leaders are left unhappy and demotivated by the very goals they have been encouraged to create. Far too many ?uru’sWencourage the ?ig? the ?ow? the ?ransformational?or the ?ig Hairy Audacious?approach. This simply won? work for some of you. And this is fine.

Impact Goals encourage you to find the approach that yes will be a stretch, but will also build your belief that you can achieve them.


So what is IMPACT…









What are your business and sales goals?




Select your priorities,

YouWe written your goals. Now decide the priorities this quarter that if focused on will bring you closest to achieving your goals.

We advise selecting a small number (ideally three) priorities, and making these the quarterly focus. Why? Because execution matters. Getting important things done is what matters most. Quality of execution always wins over quantity. Keep it simple and clear, and by doing so you retain a sharp sense of focus.

What are this Quarters?key priorities?





Decide your non-negotiables

At insthinktive sales leadership we are passionate about self discipline. We believe this is such a central success principle that weWe named these disciplined habits. We call them non-negotiables.

YouWe been through the process of

creating IMPACT goals

Now you need to decide your personal non-negotiables. The new habits and/or behaviours you simply MUST complete daily, weekly and monthly.


In order to do this we suggest you focus very clearly on the biggest impact behaviours you?l need to integrate in to your week.

For example we believe that a great sales leadership non-negotiable is to spend 30 minutes daily in pure thinking and planning mode. And we advocate that this is done daily first thing.

Simple but not easy.

What are your non-negotiables?







What training do you need?

You are at the final stage of achieving great sales leadership clarity. Now you must look to yourself and ask yourself honestly these questions?


– What one skill should I develop to transform my leadership?


– What skills do our team need to develop to transform our sales performance?



Clarity On A Page; Key Takeaways

By taking the time to crystallise your

– Values

– Purpose

– Vision

– Goals

– Priorities

– Non-negotiables

– Training and development

On to a simple one page document like Clarity On A Page, your transform your sales leadership clarity.


Simple but not easy?

Best regards.

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