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Insthinktive Influencing
Overcoming the Firewalls That Prevent Sales
Do you struggle to close more sales? Have you have hit the inevitable ?rewalls of We just can afford it now? We’se not in a position to do that now? We are happy with our current supplier?
These are just some of the ?ld regulars?(we call these firewalls to sales) and essentially this is what this programme is about. Eliminating firewalls to sales.We will show you just how to improve all aspects of your sales effectiveness.
We?l show you how to overcome the firewalls that prevent sales. And improve your conversion rates. If you take these proven strategies you will get better results. Is it the panacea to all your sales ?rewalls? No because the ultimate determinant of your ability to succeed is down to you, and the actions you take.
If you take these actions you will create a sales momentum you had never dreamed possible. So let’s get started.
What are the common Firewalls and how do you overcome them?
In our inthinktive PRESENT model we outline the four main firewalls or objections to sales. And you all know them well
You need to focus on some key areas in order to overcome these expected Firewalls.
You need to create Interest. And in order to create interest you need to know your prospects problems. We always preach this mantra. You Earn The Right To Sell?and it’s earned through better knowledge of the problems you can address.
This is an inescapable element of sales. How can you create interest if you don’t know what your prospects are interested in? In other words if you don’t know what problems they? like to have solved?
Get your Timing right
Timing is critical and you need to be aware of when and how your prospects buy. For example a client we worked with, we were in effect an ?mergency solution?for large contractors building power stations across Europe.
Basically prospects didn? need or indeed want our client, unless they had an emergency. If their project was behind schedule, or there was a major part of the project that they hadn? planned for properly which needed emergency intervention, they had a need.
Timing was everything. However they couldn? just rely on ad hoc contact to get the opportunity to make sales.
They needed to keep in touch with the key decision makers regularly. Let them know who we were and what problem they could solve for them. They needed to create a situation where they became top of mind, the prospect’s first choice, when they did have an emergency.
Likewise for you and your prospects. The follow up is a key element to your sales strategy. Building a relationship over time through regular engagement. Work on your relationships. Strong relationships build strong future partnerships.
Prospects won? buy from unknown, untried and untested companies. And your job is to work on building your credibility and your relationships with them to build con?dence in you and your product or service.
Key Takeaways
Position your business or yourself as experts in your field and work hard to reinforce your positioning. Send articles. Write blogs. Write case studies. Get lots of testimonials. Speak at events. Create You Tube videos. Ultimately the more you can position yourself in the
prospects minds as experts who can solve their problem. The more likely they are to approach you when they need you.
Next we’ll look at the common Firewalls to sales..
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