Here's a fun poem for all sales leaders which also highlights the importance of having a solid sales process in place.

Sales PipeLYING Management

My boss called me in just the other day

?here are a couple of things I need to say

I could tell I was in for a frosty reception

I knew she was on to my pipeline deception


We have had these discussions many times in the past

About the accuracy of your sales forecast

But, the situation is getting out of hand

And I really need to understand


Your sales pipeline numbers always look fantastic

But your actual results, well they are often drastic

I know it’s an impossible game we play

To predict with accuracy which way a deal will sway


That’s it I said, with complete assurance

So I like to be optimistic as my insurance

I cannot predict I am no fortune teller

And I? just like every other hard-pressed seller


Oh no, she said with a serious tone

The responsibility is all your own

You ignore the steps we have in our process

Building pipeline doesn? happen by osmosis


Let’s take an example, here’s some we can view

Let’s look at a sales opportunity or two

Here is one, you have predicted to close

Where you get that conclusion, heaven knows


Well I spoke to him yesterday and we really connected

He praised the proposal I had perfected

We talked for an hour and built great rapport

That deal’s in the bag, of that I am sure


But what is his title? What role does he play?

Eh? I? not quite sure, he just didn? say.

Who else is involved in the final decision?

She looked at me now with some derision


None that I know of, he said he would decide

And going over his head, would injure his pride

So what about budget, have they money to spend?

I didn? ask, I didn? want to offend


What about pain, what are we trying to solve?

What compelling problems does it involve?

And has he confirmed it is a priority?

Or is he another one of your silent majority?


What are the barriers to closing the deal?

My face was red now, I couldn? conceal

What plans have you made to close by next month?

Which foot are you on, the back or the front?


Deep down I knew I was Sales PipeLying

My numbers were weak, not for lack of trying

But I wanted to project a positive picture

And following process, I wished I was stricter


From the day I was born, I could talk and not listen

Sales I was told, was my destined position

I have always loved the sound of my own voice

When I sold you listened, you had no choice


They talked about process, about science v art

The showed me the stats on a colourful chart

Winners had structure, like day followed night

I said, it’s all just corporate shite


But now reality was starting to dawn

She was the Queen and me the pawn

Her move or my next would determine my fate

I had to assure her before it was too late


One month and I?l faithfully follow the plan

I?l embrace the process, be a different man

I?l listen, I?l learn, I?l probe and I?l question

I?l take onboard every single suggestion


The impact was instant, I started to win

I married the process to my passion within

I learned all the steps, I built up momentum

I made some mistakes, you cannot prevent them


One month was enough to show I was focused

And this sales process stuff is not hocus pocus

I? building a pipeline with substance not hope

And even my sales manager believes I can cope


So, no more pipelying, this stuff is for real

I follow proven steps to win every deal

I? happier, energised a smile on my face

Selling is my destiny, IWe found my place

Ronan KilroyInsthinktive Sales Leadership Ltd.04 October 2017

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