Dortek Ltd.

We have been delighted with the overall results from this challenging project with Ronan and Insthinktive

Michael O’Rourke Sales Manager


Dortek Limited is a Wicklow based Irish owned company. For 45 years Dortek has specialised in providing door solutions to the world’s leading pharmaceutical,

nutritional, health and food companies. Dortek is recognised throughout the markets it serve for it’s commitment to innovation, quality and customer care. Dortek has an international focus and operations in the UK, US, Singapore and Malaysia.

The Challenge

As part of a strategic review internally Dortek recognised that there was a need to measure sales performance more closely. There was also a need to develop a more robust sales process and system that could grow sales more consistently.

Dortek has a particularly strong and growing presence in export markets and recognised the need to have a formal sales process, and sales pipeline management process in place, that was consistent across all territories.

Dortek introduced the CRM system but it was not delivering the level of detail they required to improve sales effectiveness and performance. There was a need to develop a more strategic approach to sales and sales management.

The management team recognised a new approach to solve this key strategic challenge was needed. The goals were to

  1. Develop and formalise a new sales pipeline management process
  2. Introduce new tools to give the team a complete end to end sales process and pipeline management process
  3. Develop a sales pipeline system that could be transferred to their other business units focusing on international markets.
  4. Create a sales reporting and forecasting system that was robust.

Insthinktive’s Role;

Dortek became aware of Insthinktive through their work with Enterprise Ireland who recommended them and believed they had found the right partner to enable them to achieve their goals.

Working with Insthinktive Dortek have achieved the following

  1. A new formal sales process is in place.The sales process was redesigned to reflect a more dynamic buying process in their key markets. was redesigned to reflect the needs of the business. In particular a key function needed was the ability to track multiple contractors, architects and partners against a single sales opportunity or tender.
  2. A new redesigned sales pipeline management system is in place. Dortek now have a completely redesigned sales pipeline management process. A new scoring system for opportunity qualification and management was designed.
  3. A customised CRM system is now in place.
    1. All of the Dortek sales team have been trained on and are using it for all of their sales and client account management.
    2. There is full visibility on pipeline for forecasting and management purposes.
  4. Using a new sales weekly sales review meeting format the sales pipeline management and reporting is all real-time. There are business dashboards in place to measure all key metrics and reports have been created for full visibility on the pipeline and the sales forecast.

Mike Glanville, Commercial Director Dortek Limited

Client Feedback

You have brought about a number of changes, the main ones being a much better use of and the PRESENT SOS but also something very simple like the weekly Monday phone call with all of the sales team has I know made an enormous amount of difference to me personally. It is definitely having a positive impact on our sales figures. I just wish we had started it 10 years ago! Thank you again for all of your help


Michael O’Rourke Business Development Manager USA Dortek Limited

Client Feedback

We have been delighted with the overall results from this challenging project with Ronan and Insthinktive. All programme objectives were exceeded from our perspective. With Ronan’s help we have designed a new sales process and system. We now have a much clearer view of our pipeline and greater ability to forecast accurately.

We can now make decisions based on solid information with much more confidence.We also have greater accountability in our sales team, sharing of knowledge about key customers and increased visibility throughout the sales process. A key factor has been our ability to forecast accurately.Another key result has been that it is giving our sales team more time on the road meeting clients. We have improved our competitiveness and effectiveness as our sales administration time is down which allows us to spend more time with new and key clients.

From our perspective

– All timberline on the project were met and exceeded

– All group-training sessions were held onsite and were highly interactive and very impactful.

Ronan was directly involved in liaising with our team and also spent a full day onsite in our UK office with our team. There was a huge level of ongoing support via telephone coaching and direct one to one meetings with our team.

The response levels and service levels we received were excellent through out the project.

The level of service we received was well beyond our expectations. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ronan and the insthinktive team

Ronan Kilroy

Insthinktive Leadership

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