Why We Do It

Our proprietary PRESENT Selling Process is proven to generate More Profitable Sales. More Sustainably. In Less Time.

Sales Management is relentless. Your job as a Sales Leader is possibly the most complex role in any organisation. And if you are also the Business Owner it often feels overwhelming.

I know because I have been there before. And I work with so many business owners. You have a successful business. It is growing. You are ambitious. You have a growth mindset. You are also a people person and recognise the value of your team and their ongoing development. 

But when working with clients I often hear “Ronan, I don’t have the time to spend on developing our sales systems and processes”. Or “our sales teams are great people and hungry to learn. But, they are reactive. They don’t have the right sales processes in place. And I don’t know how to help them”. 

Often it is “Ronan, we want to develop our sales managers and sales team. We want to scale quickly but, we cannot predict sales with any accuracy. Our sales forecasts are unreliable. And our CRM system is not being used effectively”. 

I get my energy from helping others succeed. I have been called a sales guru. And I am obsessive about sales success. It drives me. I am passionate about making learning fun, practical and easy to implement.

I teach you how to grow sales sustainably and profitably. But it doesn’t end there. I don’t believe in delivering knowledge. You can search for content online in seconds. I focus on ACTION. Education that results in EXECUTION. I focus on helping you get tangible RESULTS. 

My vision is to create and deliver the most results-centric sales coaching system in the world, to the world. I believe our PRESENT SOS system is unique. It is a proven system for generating More Profitable Sales. More Sustainably. In Less Time.

Why not talk to me directly on 086 7732201  I promise you ZERO BS. Just honest forthright advice on how you can make simple changes that transform results. It is always about the basics. So ask me about the PRESENT SOS (Sales Operating System). 

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