Sales leaders know one secret. That secret is the difference between success and failure in sales meetings. It is so simple. But here is how it can go wrong. Read on to find a simple way to build rapport. And keep it.

When You Sell. Know When To Go.


Jill, is a people person.

She loves to chew the fat with others. She is friendly. Full stop. But, Jill has a blind spot.
She gets lost in her conversations. Here is how.

In a recent client meeting. Everyone was ready to leave. They had finished. They exchanged thank yous. It was all pleasant. But, they are ready to leave. You see they all had other meetings to attend. And other priorities that required their focus.

Jill’s Blind spot

Jill has a major blind spot. She doesn’t know of course. Nobody has let her in on the secret. So she continues in ignorance.

Her blind spot is that she doesn’t read other people’s body language. She talks a lot. She is bubbly. So she does not focus on others. She maintains centre stage.
So picture the scene. And the body language of others in the room.
Their feet were pointing towards the door. If feet could talk they would say “I want to leave, NOW”.

They had crossed their arms. Which isn’t always a problem. But had been uncrossed. And open. That changed and if their arms could talk they would have said “Jill, we’ve said all we need to say. We are finished. We want to go”. We have stuff to do!

Everyone was polite. Jill is so lovely. But, inside they screamed, “please release me, let me go”.

Jill continued to talk for 11 more minutes. But it wasn’t building rapport. It was undermining her excellent work. And it was avoidable.

Learn A New Skill Jill

Jill, the good news for you, is that you can learn a new skill. You can learn to listen with your eyes. You can learn to see what up to know you don’t.
In all sales meetings, there is a time to let them go. You must let go too. You should never be the centre of attention. Your customer plays that role.

Key Takeaways
Listen with your eyes, and you will see. When you see, you will understand. When you understand, you will transform engagement. And you will generate More Sales. More Consistently. In Less Time.


Regards Ronan

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