Insthinktive Influencing
Set clear sales goals for your business..
Sales is ultimately a numbers games. There is an inescapable link between activity and results. And what gets measured gets done..So you need to set yourselves clear goals for all areas in your sales process that matter most.
Need some inspiration? Here’s a list to choose from. Choose those that apply to you and start now. Take action and write down your goals
Set Goals for the following
1) Numbers of new customers this year, month and week
2) Numbers of leads generated this year, month and week
3) Numbers of appointments with qualiWed prospects this year, month and week
4) Conversion rates for new client acquisition
5) Average sales value for each sale
6) Average numbers of purchases your clients will make each year.
7) Number of new product introductions this year, month and week
8) Numbers of new referrals this year, month and week.
9) Numbers of new marketing strategies
10) Training and development
11) Team development
12) Set goals for the budget you?l spend on your marketing
13) Set goals for return on investment for each marketing strategy.
In essence become a goal setting machine who understands the value both in motivational terms and in results terms of having speci?c targets to aim at.
Monitor you results regularly, weekly if possible.
Simple, but not easy…..
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Simple, but not easy…..