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More Sales. More consistently. In Less Time.

Our vision is to

“Deliver the most results-centric sales coaching system in the world, to the world.”

Our approach is the key to our success with clients. We are VISUAL coaches. We understand that 83% of human learning is visual, so we teach visually. All of our one-to-one sessions are highly interactive leveraging the best available visual technologies. If you are a visual sales leader, we are the perfect fit for your learning style.

We do have a very systematic approach to working with a client. It is proven and tested.

STEP ONE We hold the StrateDay.

An important part of ensuring we get the results is knowing your business inside out. We leverage our PRESENT SOS Diagnostic Tools to ensure we can benchmark your current sales strategy, plan and Sales Processes. We can then work with your to agree on the project strategy and goals.

STEP TWO We customise the programme

Once we have decided on the strategy and goals, we move to the implementation stage. We will produce a tailored plan with deadlines and agreed on outcomes.

STEP THREE We implement

We have a very hands-on approach (Just ask our clients we are happy to share their details with you). We work with you and your team one-to-one in regular onsite sessions. We work with you offsite by helping you with the implementation of the PRESENT SOS and CRM (if you need our assistance).

STEP FOUR We assess

We will hold regular reviews with you and send you through monthly updates on progress. We make adjustments where necessary. And get back on track.

STEP FIVE We do the unexpected

We do what others won’t. We get hands on when you need us. We don’t run the clock. You need support; you will get it on the day you ask for it. When clients ask us to do things that aren’t within scope we say “how can we help”.

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