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Create Your Sales Plan

Your sales plan is your “road map” for managing your sales. It focuses on sales forecasts, financial forecasts, sales mix, activity goals, and tactics.
In this workbook, you’ll learn;

To have a simple and effective sales plan that covers Goals that are clear, and have actionable steps
A sales prospecting plan
A sales activity plan to help you achieve your goal

 Sales Clarity On A Page Sales Clarity On A Page is a one-page tool for keeping you and your team focused on your sales priorities. This straightforward, powerful approach to goal setting and priority setting will help you generate More Sales. More Consistently. In Less Time. Put simply, what you focus on grows. When you focus using Sales Clarity On A Page as your tool of choice, you begin to change the way you work, and create new selling behaviours and build new habits ( non-negotiables). 

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