Your Prospect’s buying process

April 18, 2014

Insthinktive Influencing
Your Prospect’s buying process
Using a very simple outline process below start to think at a deeper level about how you understand your buyers, and how they buy.
Broadly speaking all of us go through these stages when buying products or services.
By identifying the stages and the journey. You can create a strategy to nurture your buyer’s more easily through each stage.
The 7 stages are Find, Like, Trust, Try, Buy, Return and Refer.
How do your prospects find you and get to know you? What marketing strategies do you use. Advertising, online, media, etc. Maybe articles and books.
How do you build the relationship in order that they start to feel comfortable and learn to trust you.
How do you build trust with your prospects? Through your presentations, your sales and marketing tools and possibly through your writing and speaking.
How do you get your prospects to try your product or service? Do you offer something FREE. Do you give samples. Do you provide free webinars? Do you offer a FREE diagnostic report, or site visit?
How do they buy. What options? What staff? What terms?
How do you get them to return and buy repeatedly?  What can you cross sell.
How do you upsell? How do you build customer satisfaction?
The ultimate determinant of your success as a business. How do you generate referrals?
You need to take this Process and perform a simple Audit of your business, product or service. And fill what stages match.
More importantly map out your future Process and Strategy. And commit to a plan to ensure you execute this in full.
Simple, but not easy…..
Next session; Perform an audit of your sales approach

Progressing Your Prospects Through Your Pipeline

April 15, 2014

Insthinktive Influencing
Progressing Your Prospects Through Your Pipeline
Selling is a discipline. We spoke earlier about how we position selling in your own minds and the importance you need to place on your sales activities. 
Sales without clarity, goals and discipline just won’t work. 
You need to develop and foster these key habits daily 
- Set clear cut and measurable goals 
- Be clear on your customers Why. And target this. 
- Work on strategies that get your prospects attention
- Grow your network strategically (having names is not a strategy. Having contacts that are potential ideal clients is a strategy)
- Build your relationship with prospects to establish credibility
- Have a clear and measurable “Follow Up” Strategy
- Focus on the value you offer not the prices. 
- Keep in constant contact. 
Like all great habits and disciplines the individual components have little value, but collectively they are very powerful. So to with the above. 
World class Selling is not like a selection box, where you only get to select the bits you like. It is a systematic process. You can’t choose the bits you like. You have to choose and execute against everyone of these to leverage amazing results.
Create the great habits and build your process to incorporate all steps.
Remember we talked about the 7 touches, so we have a stepped process to ensure that we achieve the 7 touches and to ensure we bring our prospects along with us. 
Key Takeaways
- Always seek to establish Rapport first in your process
- Then get clear on how you will progress your opportunities through your pipeline
- Focus on building relationships.
Simple, but not easy…..
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You need to understand how prospects’ buy

April 10, 2014

Insthinktive Influencing
You need to understand how prospects’ buy.
There are numerous research studies that highlight just how important the internet is now in making purchasing decisions. And this will accelerate as we have a generation of future buyers whose main reference point is the internet.
In fact research by Thomas Net and SVM reported that
•93% of prospects are on the Internet to make buying decisions
•91% of prospects will seek out an alternative company if they cannot find the information they are looking for
If you can’t be found using the keywords they search for you won’t get contacted. Simple as that. Your reputation in the offline world matters for nothing in the online community.
And you need to have a compelling message to be found. Literally thousands of prospects are out there looking for their problems to be solved, in the most convenient way for them to find solutions. The internet.
Get Your Prospect’s Attention
However you intend to invest your marketing spend, be it press, online, social media, radio or SEO, you’ll need to grab attention. And you’ve only 8 seconds to do so. Wow, a little scary but it doesn’t have to be. It just requires you to craft your message. And we
emphasise the word craft. Don’t rush headlong in to it. Deliberate, and keep it simple and clear.
Remember the customer’s Why. 
As someone who has to wear a hearing aid I was struck when I went looking for help. There was a lack of compelling messages that grabbed my attention.. At the time I was using the Golden Pages as a reference point (how times have changed). But the principle is the same. 
The vast majority of hearing aid suppliers/stores main “attention grabber” was their business name!. I mean come on who cares about your business name? 
You may have agonised over your brand name  for months. You may have invested heavily in getting it to look right. You may be emotionally attached to your brand. But nobody cares about this initially. 
Only one business at the time addressed my problem head on they they used a question “Are You Hard Of Hearing”. 
Simple and effective. And yes I am. Guess who I phoned first? 
It’s doesn’t have to be complicated
Remember as well that even leads generated from websites aren’t necessarily from prospects ready to buy now.
As I mentioned earlier we built a business on providing emergency intervention for businesses, but we built the relationships over time.
You will get the emergency buyers whose need is immediate. You need to be aware of the 7 touches we spoke of earlier.
The initial enquiry may take time to mature to a sale, and you must build the relationship through more information and continuous contact. By continuous I don’t mean pestering.
The objective here is simply not to become “out of sight, out of mind”. The most effective sales strategy is the follow up.
You in a sense need to work on driving them to contact you when their time is right. This requires patient intervention.
Your Online results 
Do you or your business have a website?  And do you know your numbers? 
How many visitors do you have?
What do they visit for? 
Where do they navigate to ? 
How many of these contact you? 
How many leads do you generate monthly? 
Every business is different but you do need to measure your website’s effectiveness. You need to ensure that your prospects are finding it easy to make contact with you. You
need an emphasis on the “Call To Action”. To capture their information in order that you can maintain an ongoing relationship through “the follow up” phase.
Your Call To Action;
So you want to capture prospects details and contact information. Again what’s their 
Why?. You need to encourage them to do so. 
Personally we offer a FREE coaching session. And we have FREE books on offer to encourage people to download and enjoy. We then create the opportunity to build relationships over time through our “follow ups”. What is appropriate in your business?
Simple, but not easy…..
Next session; Progressing Your Prospects Through Your Pipeline


Build Rapport with your prospects first

April 8, 2014

Insthinktive Influencing
Build Rapport with your prospects first
When you call a prospect do you launch straight in for the sale? Go straight for the killer opening statement that will cause them to respond with “yes I’ve been waiting for you all 
of my life”. Most do. And they get lousy results and therefore learn to hate it, and bemoan it as a fruitless exercise. 
You can never get to your prospects Why, it you are effectively pushing a solution on them. Remember people hate being sold to but they love to buy. 
You need to shift your mindset from the push to the pull in a sense. Your job is to ultimately help them achieve a result that makes their lives better in some way. 
As insthinktive coaches we really appreciate the art of the question and the power of the question. As a salesman selling for 25 + years.. I also realise that the power is always in the question. The ability to engage someone because you are displaying an interest. Because you are trying to engage them in a conversation. 
Having a strong value statement (elevator pitch is the cruder description) gains attention, but the question will open people up to the conversation. 
Once you have established some rapport or some degree of relationship you can start to gather contact information, which you can then use to keep them informed of you and your solution. Give them tips give them advice, give to receive. Over time you will foster a relationship that will get you results.
We talked earlier about finding out the customers Why. The way to the Why is by building trust. Trust fosters relationships and relationships build businesses. Your marketing is about building relationships. Not the traditional push model of sell, sell sell. 
The traditional approach is limited and more often than not push results in push back..No you want to pull prospects in to your pipeline by establishing trust. 
And it works. It’s proven, and you will see the benefit of this more strategic approach. 
After all the facts are that prospects take on average 6 to 7 touches (interactions with them) to convert them to a sale. The push approach is very limiting based on this fact.
How to increase your sales. 
As someone who has been in business for 25 years and been working with many diverse types of business owner. The one common complaint we hear is “I hate sales and sales pitches”. 
Marketing and sales can be quite daunting and I don’t think it’s helped by the hoards of gurus out there, who seem to make it more complicated, and hence more intimidating. 
Your ability to take the complexity and make it simple is critical. You don’t have to have grand plans, and multiple strategies to be successful. Doing one or two things well. And by that I mean executing them with clarity and consistency. You can achieve great results. 
Go back to the simple core of selling, which is getting prospects attention and gaining their trust. In order to do this you need to understanding how, when and why they buy. 
And then mirror your message to their needs. 
A great example of this is a client of ours who supply call answering / recording and phone systems to large businesses. They have quickly crystallised what the clients Whys are. More sales, more control, more efficiencies, better reporting, better customer service 
and accountability. 
They also realised that their prospects buy  at two separate times in the calendar year. October and January, in other words at the start of their new business years when they have budgets available and they have more freedom to invest.
By ramping up their marketing and sales activities around those two periods in the year, they were able to get better results for less spend, as they didn’t need to spend all year round.
Simple, but not easy…..
Next session; You need to understand how they buy.


Do You Know What Your Prospects Want? Really?

April 3, 2014

Insthinktive Influencing
Do You Know What Your Prospects Want? Really?
If there is one valuable lesson that you need to learn in sales, is understanding clearly what customers really want. What they really buy.
You see we’ve been guilty in the past of making that decision ourselves. Assuming we knew what customers wanted because we were closing sales. But what were we leaving behind? 
The revelation for us came when we decided to conduct interviews with  clients and asked them a series of questions. Like why they bought from us. And we were well taken aback.
At the time our business was essentially supplying people to large Power Plant construction projects in an emergency. 
We had assumed we had achieved success because of our technical expertise. But our clients never once mentioned technical expertise as a factor. They had assumed this, it was an expectation. 
They universally fed back to us that our ability to provide a seamless service from an operational point of view was key. In other words they didn’t want to have to deal with our people from a day to day perspective.
We addressed that problem by managing our own people, their accommodation, their transport, their people issues. The client wanted peace of mind, not technical expertise. And they were willing to pay a premium for it. 
It had a profound effect on how we sold our service going forward. We literally changed everything in our sales approach to focus on ourselves as the company that delivers “peace of mind” We handled all the customer’s  hassles. And it worked. It propelled our business to the next level, because more and more customers seemed to connect us with their biggest pain point. 
We see this common error often. Accountants selling themselves as accountants, when their clients need advisors, need problem solvers, need facilitators to help them interpret their numbers. 
IT providers selling equipment instead of selling their ability to make their customer’s  lives easier through technology. 
You need to be mindful of the same trap. People don’t care what you do. They buy what you can do for them. They buy end results. Outcomes, Impacts.
And you cannot predict what they want. You must find out directly from them. Their needs, their wants, their problems. Their vision of a better outcome or better solution. 
They you can sell to them. 
Ultimately your customers needs are emotional in nature, they want more hope, more control, more money, more freedom, more time, more competitiveness, more innovation, more compliance. More security, more certainty.
What’s the customers Why?
So you need to ask what is the Why is for your clients. And you need to be specific.
-More sales ?
-More profits ?
-More time ?
-More customers ?
-To be different ?
-To be more compliant ?
-A more financially sound future?
-Less worry ?
-Better systems?
-More visibility?
-Better reputation?
-Easier to locate ?
-More customers?
-More efficiency?
-More control ?
-Retain staff longer ?
-Keep the boss off my back?
-More visitors to my site?
-More sales through my site?
-More people contact us and buy?
Now this is just a list your question is to ask Why? 
Why do they want more sales? 
Why do they want more profits? What are they going to do with it and why?
Why do they want more time? What will they do with the time? 
Why do they want to be different? What impact with that have on them? 
I hope you are beginning to see that you must in essence get to the core of the reasons customers buy. And the core as you know is always buried deep, therefore it needs work to uncover it. Digging deeper in to the prospects Why, will determine how you can market 
better to them. 
Selling to logic is illogical.
Logic doesn’t determine sales. Emotion does. It’s not a cliche that we buy emotionally 
and justify logically. It’s a fact. 
If you bought logically then you could answer all of the questions below with a yes
-I use the cheapest toothpaste on the market
-I live in the cheapest house available to me
-I drive the cheapest car on the market
Are you saying you don’t do these things? But logic would dictate that you’ll defer to the lowest price. That’s logical surely? 
Do you seriously believe that people in the workplace suddenly lose their emotional faculties and become logical drones? No they do stuff that defies common logic. 
And your job is to find out what they do that does defy logic.  You  don’t eliminate logic completely but by defining the emotional drivers you’ll find that they will have the overbearing influence on decision making. 
You simply need to learn to appeal to their Whys and you’ll be talking in a language that they understand. And you’ll increase your sales, whilst providing a better fit for them. It’s a win win. 
Make a list Now of the Top Whys your prospects have. 
Make a list Now of the Top 3 Whys, your prospects should choose you to address their 
Key Takeaways
- Know your customers Why
- Be specific in every detail as to how you address their Why.
Next session; Build Rapport with your prospects first
Simple, but not easy…..


Set clear sales goals for your business..

April 1, 2014

Insthinktive Influencing
Set clear sales goals for your business..
Sales is ultimately a numbers games. There is an inescapable link between activity and results. And what gets measured gets done..So you need to set yourselves clear goals for all areas in your sales process that matter most.
Need some inspiration? Here’s a list to choose from. Choose those that apply to you and start now. Take action and write down your goals
Set Goals for the following 
1) Numbers of new customers this year, month and week
2) Numbers of leads generated this year, month and week
3) Numbers of appointments with qualified prospects this year, month and week
4) Conversion rates for new client acquisition
5) Average sales value for each sale
6) Average numbers of purchases your clients will make each year.
7) Number of new product introductions this year, month and week
8) Numbers of new referrals this year, month and week.
9) Numbers of new marketing strategies
10) Training and development
11) Team development
12) Set goals for the budget you’ll spend on your marketing
13) Set goals for return on investment for each marketing strategy.
In essence become a goal setting machine who understands the value both in motivational terms and in results terms of having specific targets to aim at.
Monitor you results regularly, weekly if possible.
Simple, but not easy…..
Next session; Know your prospect’s Why
Simple, but not easy…..

Learn to handle price Firewalls with ease

March 27, 2014

Insthinktive Influencing
Learn to handle price Firewalls with ease
At insthinktive we are always astonished with the reaction the majority of those selling have, when they are challenged over price. They often experience “brain freeze” and fumble their way through a justification for their prices. This is a recipe for disaster. You must be able to handle the “guaranteed to come up firewall of “price”. It’s a banker. 
So if price is a standard firewall you can extinguish it, by focusing on value. Prospects generally react negatively to price if you haven’t demonstrated sufficient value. Full stop. 
Your job is to ensure that you can adequately demonstrate value. And the only way to achieve this is using the EXAMINE phase in PRESENT ( ask us about the insthinktive PRESENT sales presentation methodology). 
By asking the right questions, we can determine what the prospect values most. Then armed with this knowledge we can overcome this firewall more easily. Not always but we are talking about improving our odds substantially. 
You shouldn’t be selling to those without a need !!
I’m going to make this brief. It is one of the 4 main Firewalls but let’s cut to the chase. If you are selling to someone with no need, you haven’t qualified them properly. 
There are lots  of other objections mostly in my experience of a technical nature or industry specific nature. 
Using the EXAMINE lessons, and having great questions you should be adequately able to deal with anything thrown at you. 
Your Biggest Firewall? You 
Firewalls are effectively constraints to you getting your sales. And 80% of all constraints are internal. Your own core beliefs, your habits can be major firewalls in your progression. 
If you find that you’re just not making progress, you need to look closely at what is holding you back. 
Are your thoughts consumed by fear rather than opportunity? 
- Do you focus on your lack of money?
- Do you focus on your lack of planning?
- Do you focus on your lack of knowledge?
- Do you listen to others as they undermine your strategies?
- Do you have habits that prevent you from focusing on the key actions that will really create forward momentum? 
- Do you struggle alone with your challenges?
- Do you persist with marketing strategies that just aren’t effective? 
- Do you lack the time to execute on your marketing and sales? 
Money as a Firewall. 
If you are a high growth company  it is likely that you’ll never have enough money to do the kind of marketing campaigns you dream of, but why should that stop you? 
Money may not be the challenge it’s a lack of creativity that may be the challenge. 
Successful leaders of high growth companies just get moving with small amounts and squeeze as much as they can from their resources. They use their phones, they network strategically, they use free email marketing software like MailChimp. They focus on getting referrals, they focus on getting speaking events. 
Planning as a Firewall. 
Why is that you instinctively know that when we plan better we execute better? And don’t do enough of it. Is it because we feel it is too difficult, or we just haven’t valued our time enough to realise that when we think better, we plan better. When we plan better, we 
execute better. 
Without your plan you are simply in reactive mode. You need to be proactive and this requires more planning. 
Don’t get hung up on the picture you have in your mind of these endlessly boring sessions where you sit with your team and discuss the minutiae for hours on end. You then produce a  document that is so long, so complex and so boring that you can never motivate yourself to read it, let alone do any of it. 
Planning doesn’t have to involve lengthy documents, or lengthy discussions to clarify every step. It can be a pen and paper for 20 minutes in a Cafe while you tease out your thoughts. Whatever and wherever you do it, it will help you move forward faster and with 
more confidence. 
Knowledge as a Firewall
In many ways knowledge is not the true Firewall, it’s our ability to execute what we know consistently. However as a student of ongoing personal development you must upgrade your skills constantly, in marketing and sales. We have over 50 years experience  in the business of sales and marketing at insthinktive,  and we are learning more every week. We never assume we know it all. 
The great news is that the knowledge you need is available easily and cheaply in most cases. Just google. Buy books. Listen to audio programmes. Read the trade magazines. 
Talk to the experts. Learn from the experts. Most experts have written about their experiences. Beg, borrow and steal their ideas and implement them. 
Not listening as a Firewall
You are a top performer. You think differently from others. You have bigger plans, dreams and goals. You are an outlier. You are different. 
And people don’t respond to this as positively as you’d like. In fact they can sometimes be outright hostile to your big 
You have to avoid these people and associate with like minded positive people. People who will challenge you and push you forward. And those who can relate to your challenges and share experiences that help. 
Poor habits as a Firewall
Your habits ultimately determine your results. Great habits generate great results. Lousy habits generate lousy results. 
Great habits are focused on executing against your key weekly actions, that must simply get done. 
Lousy habits are focused on just clearing your desk, your emails and your backlog.
Remember 80% of your results will be determined by 20% of your tasks. Great habits are those that focus on the 20%. 
Struggling alone as a Firewall
You are a business owner. It’s a lonely place. You shoulder a huge responsibility and far too often you shoulder it alone. But why? 
I am constantly drawn to John Paul Getty and his motto “I’ll take 1% of 100 minds, than 100% of my own”. 
What better way to highlight your need to get help. It’s ok to ask for it. And you’ll benefit enormously from it. The great news is your reading this which means you understand this key concept. Never struggle alone. 
Continuing with faded sales strategies as a Firewall
You’ve been doing it this way for 5 years now (remember you are a creature of habit). 
And you’re not getting the results you want. And you’re not changing either. 
You need to constantly assess, review and critically analyse your results, regardless of your sales strategy. Trial and Error is key here. You need to constantly look for new ways to engage your prospects. They move on, so should you. 
Time as a Firewall
The greatest single challenge business owners seem to have is that of time. And the consequence of this is a lack of planning. The results are often a scatter gun approach to marketing and sales. And the outcomes are obvious. Frustration and poor results. 
The first step is how you position selling in your business and your mind. 
You must see yourself firstly as a sales person/marketer and secondly as an accountant, a solicitor, a software developer etc. 
This is important as you must consciously elevate sales and marketing above all other activities you  perform as a business owner. When you do this you will learn that your focus needs to be limited to the key activities that get clients and keep clients. This is your primary role. 
You need to avoid the trap most business owners and leaders fall in to, of prioritising everything else over marketing. 
The result of which is that you never fully leverage your time.  
What you can do to overcome your personal Firewalls. 
Set yourself specific goals with timelines
Work on your own mindset to develop a personal positioning statement that positions you as a marketer first and an entrepreneur second.
Scheduling time in your week ( literally making appointments with yourself) to plan. 
And to do your key marketing activities. Create a marketing calendar. 
-Schedule time in your week to upgrade your skills.
In many ways you are in a very lucky position. You are an SME and as such you are less vulnerable to economic conditions than large corporates whose exposure is much larger. 
You cannot blame the external factors like the economy, the IMF, the Eurozone on your own performance. You can make a decision to overcome these as in reality there is more business out there than you could every handle. 
Key Takeaways
- Identify your key firewalls preventing you from growing your sales 
- Create an action list of tasks you’ll need to help you overcome the firewalls. And take action immediately
- Set clear IMPACT goals for all areas of your sales and marketing and track them weekly. 
Next we’ll look at what goals to set yourself..
Simple, but not easy…..
Need help with these challenges? Call us

Achieving Sales Leadership Clarity

March 25, 2014

Achieving Sales Leadership Clarity

 Clarity in business and sales is a non-negotiable. Great leadership is built on clarity of thought. Great thinking, insthinktive thinking, is the basis of superior performance.

So how do you achieve clarity as a sales leaders?

Clarity On A Page..


Ask us about our Clarity On A Page template. It’s a step by step process to help you achieve complete clarity. It’s simple, it’s clear and it’s intuitive.


Here’s what you need to do..

Clarify your values..


What motivates you as a Sales Leader? What motivates you as a Manager? A sales person. A parent, a mentor? What makes you do what you do? What do you value most in people? How do you view the world?

What prompts you to be happy or sad? What makes you different? Why are some more successful that others? How do they differ?

As a Leader how can you ensure you hire the right people? How do you motivate them and guide them. How do you engage with your stakeholders and encourage all to achieve more. The common factor in answering all of these questions is identifying your Core Values

Values drive your behaviours. Values are responsible for your motivation and your actions. Values are often subconscious and hidden but they surface in the way we act. The principles and standards that we set and expect of others. Values are strongly held beliefs and they have enormous impact on individual and organisational behaviour.

You have a world view that is unique and individual. It frames your thoughts and it influences your behaviour. Values really underpin your Why. Why do you do what you do? Why do you assess and measure the way you do? Why do you think the way you do?

With clearly defined Values you can build a team that share the same values. You can motivate a team more easily with shared values. And you can build a relationship with your stakeholders and customers by living your values.


So what are your values?

Why are they your values?

How can you measure your values?

How do you live your values?


Define your Purpose….

What is your Purpose, your Why?. What excites you and motivates you? What gives you momentum. What inspires you?


Great leaders have a clear sense of Purpose. A clear Why. They understand their reasons for doing what they do. It is beyond pure financial gain. It is about leaving a true mark on their world. And, so too for your organisation. Businesses with a clear sense of Purpose, a clear Why invariably have a more successful culture and climate. And have a clear sense of Why they exist.


Having a clear sense of how you will improve the world in which you operate, provides real clarity and motivation to those who are a part of creating it.


Steve Jobs’ said, “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me.”

Albert Einstein said, “Nothing truly valuable arises from ambition or from a mere sense of duty; it stems rather from love and devotion towards men and towards objective things.”

These are two men who clearly demonstrated a powerful sense of Purpose.

What’s your Purpose?





Create a Vision

As a leader, you need to consider the following,


1) Purpose is your Why? The reason you exist.


2) Values represent what you stand for.

3) Vision is where will be in the future.

Your leadership Vision is a guiding picture of where you and your business will be in the future. It is a picture of the end point. It outlines with clarity where you will end up. And how your business will look like, feel like and operate in the future.


It is first step in your goal setting and priority setting process.

Where do you see your business in the future?

What will this future look like?

What clients will you be working with?

What sort of team will you be working with?

What products or services will you be selling/ delivering?

What will the finances look like?

We suggest that you take your time with this really vital phase in your leadership clarity. Involve your stakeholders and team. Craft a vision you can be proud of. One, that acts as a beacon that guides you. One, that motivates you and your team.

Set IMPACT Goals

Setting goals with IMPACT should mean for you, that you are feeling a sense of forward momentum, a sense of progress. And not feeling overwhelmed or defeated by the sheer impossibility of what you’ve set yourself.

Far too many people and Leaders are left unhappy and demotivated by the very goals they have been encouraged to create. Far too many “Guru’s” encourage the “Big”, the “Wow”, the “Transformational” or the “Big Hairy Audacious” approach. This simply won’t work for some of you. And this is fine.

Impact Goals encourage you to find the approach that yes will be a stretch, but will also build your belief that you can achieve them.


So what is IMPACT…









What are your business and sales goals?




Select your priorities,

You’ve written your goals. Now decide the priorities this quarter that if focused on will bring you closest to achieving your goals.

We advise selecting a small number (ideally three) priorities, and making these the quarterly focus. Why? Because execution matters. Getting important things done is what matters most. Quality of execution always wins over quantity. Keep it simple and clear, and by doing so you retain a sharp sense of focus.

What are this Quarters’ key priorities?





Decide your non-negotiables

At insthinktive sales leadership we are passionate about self discipline. We believe this is such a central success principle that we’ve named these disciplined habits. We call them non-negotiables.

You’ve been through the process of

creating IMPACT goals

Now you need to decide your personal non-negotiables. The new habits and/or behaviours you simply MUST complete daily, weekly and monthly.


In order to do this we suggest you focus very clearly on the biggest impact behaviours you’ll need to integrate in to your week.

For example we believe that a great sales leadership non-negotiable is to spend 30 minutes daily in pure thinking and planning mode. And we advocate that this is done daily first thing.

Simple but not easy.

What are your non-negotiables?







What training do you need?

You are at the final stage of achieving great sales leadership clarity. Now you must look to yourself and ask yourself honestly these questions?


-   What one skill should I develop to transform my leadership?


-   What skills do our team need to develop to transform our sales performance?



Clarity On A Page; Key Takeaways

By taking the time to crystallise your

-   Values

-   Purpose

-   Vision

-   Goals

-   Priorities

-   Non-negotiables

-   Training and development

On to a simple one page document like Clarity On A Page, your transform your sales leadership clarity.


Simple but not easy….

Best regards.

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Overcoming firewalls in sales part one;

March 24, 2014

Welcome to Overcoming Firewalls in Sales
A sales programme, designed for you.
Every week you’ll receive one to two articles, all designed to help you 
- grow your sales
- convert more sales
- create more leads
- become more effective
It’s simple and clear
It’s easy for you to put in practice 
All of the information and tips are proven. 
In short it works. Take 10 minutes to read the article and allocate some time later to analyse how it could help you improve your marketing and sales. 
Finally take some action…
Insthinktive Influencing
Overcoming the Firewalls That Prevent Sales
Do you struggle to close more sales? Have you have hit the inevitable firewalls of “we just can afford it now”. “We’re not in a position to do that now”. “We are happy with our current supplier”.
These are just some of the “old regulars” (we call these firewalls to sales) and essentially this is what this programme is about. Eliminating firewalls to sales.We will show you just how to improve all aspects of your sales effectiveness. 
We’ll show you how to overcome the firewalls that prevent sales. And improve your conversion rates. If you take these proven strategies you will get better results. Is it the panacea to all your sales firewalls? No because the ultimate determinant of your ability to succeed is down to you, and the actions you take.
If you take these actions you will create a sales momentum you had never dreamed possible. So let’s get started.  
What are the common Firewalls and how do you overcome them?
In our inthinktive PRESENT model we outline the four main firewalls or objections to sales. And you all know them well 
You need to focus on some key areas in order to overcome these expected Firewalls.
You need to create Interest. And in order to create interest you need to know your prospects problems. We always preach this mantra. “You Earn The Right To Sell” and it’s earned through better knowledge of the problems you can address. 
This is an inescapable element of  sales. How can you create interest if you don’t know what your prospects are interested in? In other words if you don’t know what problems they’d like to have solved?
Get your Timing right
Timing is critical and you need to be aware of when and how your prospects buy. For example a client we worked with,  we were in effect an “emergency solution” for large contractors building power stations across Europe. 
Basically prospects didn’t need or indeed want our client, unless they had an emergency. If their project was behind schedule, or there was a major part of the project that they hadn’t planned for properly which needed emergency intervention, they had a need.
Timing was everything. However they couldn’t just rely on ad hoc contact to get the opportunity to make sales. 
They needed to keep in touch with the key decision makers regularly. Let them know who we were and what problem they could solve for them. They needed to create a situation where they became top of mind, the prospect’s first choice, when they did have an emergency. 
Likewise for you and your prospects. The follow up is a key element to your sales strategy. Building a relationship over time through regular engagement. Work on your relationships. Strong relationships build strong future partnerships. 
Prospects won’t buy from unknown, untried and untested companies. And your job is to work on building your credibility and your relationships with them to build confidence in you and your product or service. 
Key Takeaways
Position your business or yourself as experts in your field and work hard to reinforce your positioning. Send articles. Write blogs. Write case studies. Get lots of testimonials. Speak at events. Create You Tube videos. Ultimately the more you can position yourself in the 
prospects minds as experts who can solve their problem. The more likely they are to approach you when they need you. 
Next we’ll look at the common Firewalls to sales..
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February 5, 2014

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